netherland inn

Halloween is three days away! What do you do to get in the Halloween spirit? Our ghostly friend “Ima Goner” celebrates by bringing you another legend of Kingsport.
Our legend today is that of Netherland Inn Road.
This notorious stretch of road is well known to Kingsport residents. Netherland Inn Road is also known to become enveloped in fog very easily, as it lies along the Holston River waterfront.
Back in 1922, five boys were in a serious accident caused by the fog. One of those boys was the son of Hugh Hamblen.
Hugh Hamblen was visiting his son in the hospital and upon returning to his car, discovered that the fog had set in. He was walking across Netherland Inn Road to his Model-T Ford when he saw a car approaching out of the fog. Hugh frantically tried to flag the car down to prevent from being struck by the car. Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain. The driver did not see Hamblen or his car and he was struck and killed instantly.
Over the years, there have been over 120 reports of people who have been driving along that stretch of Netherland Inn Road and claimed to have seen a man in a fedora, trench coat, and wearing a scarf frantically waving at them in the fog only to disappear as they approached.
Sometimes, people traveling along the Netherland Inn Road have also insisted that they saw a Model-T Ford along the road in the dense fog. Many report that car appeared wrecked or smashed, others have reported that it was intact. There are occasions when some have claimed that they have seen both Hamblen and the Model-T as he was standing next to it, waving away to warn of the fog.
Have you seen Hugh Hamblen and his Model-T?