The Kingsport Farmer’s Market is held from May to October and is open on Saturdays.‚  To learn about what will be available at the Farmer’s Market click here.

Kingsport residents and visitors have the opportunity to experience a
variety of activities throughout the year.‚  For a list of some of the
Kingport area’s finest sites of interest click here.

The Kingsport Spirit

Here is J.
Fred Johnson’s explanation of the "Kingsport Spirit" from the book
"Kingsport: The Industrial CIty" by the Rotary Club of Kingsport,
Tennessee. Copyright, 1937

"This little book is the response to the oft-repeated request of
visitors to Kingsport for a concise story of the origin, development
and present status of this somewhat unique industrial community. An
earnest attempt has been made to keep it free from any trace of the
bombastic and to portray a bit of the real romance which it is believed
exists in the hitherto untold stories of business.

Frequently we are asked what motivating spirit has been most apparent
in the building of this city of industries, schools, churches and
homes. Were I to undertake to define the spirit underlying every step
in the growth and development of Kingsport, from the days of its
humblest beginnings until now, I could not avoid the assertion that the
spirit, if it be a spirit, is one of mutual helpfulness and a
willingness to submerge selfish interests beneath the individual effort
to assure the greater good for the greater number.

Rotary has a slogan "Service above Self he profits most who serves the
best." Without attempting to eulogize, it is my firm conviction that
those words truly epitomize what may be said to be the spirit of
Kingsport. It matters not what we endeavor to accomplish, in the words
of a one-time visitor to Kingsport "the humanics are more important
than the mechanics."

So it has been and will continue to be with Kingsport if it is not good
for the community, it is not good for the individual or for the
business activity within that community in that we have a fundamental


February 15, 1937‚ 

The Kingsport Riverwalk Project s a 20-year phased redevelopment plan
the parks, businesses, and residencies along the riverfront area of
Kingsport.‚  The
Riverwalk will stretch from Confluence Park, by the Rotherwood Bridge,
to Cloud
Park and Industry Drive on the east side of Kingsport.‚  The project
help celebrate the heritage and restore the tradition of Kingsport
as the "Model
City".‚  The
plan is flexible enough to accommodate unanticipated opportunities or
constraints.‚  The Riverwalk Project is crucial for determining both
quality public places and dynamic private developments throughout the
district.‚  The Riverwalk Project will consist of seven districts which
will be separate areas with am emphasis on their own unique
These areas are Confluence Park, Day Use Park, Boat Yard Park, the
Netherland Inn Complex and Neighborhood, Heritage Park, Kingsport
Landing Redevelopment
and Connections East.‚  The goal of the project is to reestablish
Kingsport’s identity as a
waterfront city and gives a nod to the historic role the area played as
boatyard and ferry landing.

The Higher Education Program is a city plan to broaden its abilities
through educational programs geared at bringing advanced skills to the
citizens of the Kingsport area in conjunction with‚ 
UT Knoxville, Carson-Newman College, King College, Lincoln Memorial
University, and Northeast State.‚  The goal of the Higher Education
Program is to create facilities and programs for the soul purpose of
the education and growth of Kingsport.‚  To learn more about the Higher Education Program click here.

Family values are essential to community of Kingsport and are always
considered in the policies and practices of the City of Kingsport. The
City of Kingsport strives to offer a quality atmosphere for its
families and community. With activities for all ages, Kingsport is an
excellent place for any family to live. The city schools of Kingsport
are among the best in Tennessee and Kingsport is also home to many
organizations and clubs that greatly benefit the area. Parks, public
art, shopping, antiques, fine local resturaunts, and the many planned
public events are some of the various means of entertainment in
Kingsport. Parks for the children include Bays Mountain Park, which is
known for its wolf and raptor enclosures and its state of the art
Planetarium, the Riverview Splashpad, which is a free water playground
beside the V. O. Dobbins Community Center, the Scott Adams Memorial
Skate Park, which is open for bikers and skateboarders of all ages, and
Hunter Wright Stadium where spectators can watch Major League
baseball’s future superstars.‚  The Kingsport Renaissance Center is home
to the Senior Center, the Cultural Arts Division, the Kingsport Art
Guild, the Kingsport Theater Guild and the Kingsport Symphony
Association for the entertainment of all Kingsport Citizens.‚  For more
info on the many activities of Kingsport click here. ‚ 

To locate Kingsport, Tennessee on a map click here.

To enroll you children into the Kingsport City School System you must contact the administration of the school you would like for you child to attend.‚  To find a list of area schools and contact information click here.