Category* Solicitation Name Bid Opening or Reply Date
Kingsport Greenbelt - Eastern Extension - Phase 1 Dec 19,2018
Protective Glazing for Reception Windows at Ten Schools Dec 18,2018
Grocery Items and Beverage Bid - School Nutrition Services Dec 18,2018
Water System Improvements Phase 4 Dec 11,2018
Parking Improvements - Bays Mountain Park Nov 27,2018
solicitation Feb 26,2019
Bays Mountain Park - Sanitary Sewer Improvements Feb 20,2019
Water & Wastewater Systems SCADA Master Plan Implementation Project Feb 19,2019
Landscape Chemicals Feb 08,2019
Civic Auditorium Re-Roofing Feb 12,2019
Mowing and Trimming Various Locations Feb 07,2019
72 Passenger School Bus Jan 31,2019
John F Kennedy Elementary School-Playground Improvements Jan 31,2019
Kingsport Aquatics Center Expansion Jan 24,2019
Various Water/Sewer Maintenance Items Jan 15,2019
Bloomington Drive - Culvert/Bridge Replacement Jan 16,2019
RFQ Water and Wastewater Systems SCADA Master Plan Implementation Project Dec 05,2018
Exterior Signage Fabrication - Kingsport Greenbelt - Phase I Jan 09,2019
Various Fleet Maintenance Items Jan 08,2019