Category* Solicitation Name Bid Opening or Reply Date
2021 Water Meter Install Sep 30,2021
School Nutrition Management Software Sep 23,2021
2021 Sewer Manhole Rehabilitation Project Sep 23,2021
Disposal of Solid Waste Materials Sep 17,2021
RFP - GNSS Receiver, Robotic Total Station, Survey Controller (Data Collector), with Collection Software and Surveying Equipment Sep 17,2021
Cutaway Cargo Van Sep 15,2021
4x4 Extended Cab/Enclosed Utility Body Sep 15,2021
Refurb D8 Dozer Sep 09,2021
Unarmed Security Service Aug 10,2021
2021 Summer Demos Summary 2 Jul 29,2021
2021 Contracted Paving - Sullivan Street Jul 27,2021
Scott Adams Memorial Skate Park Phase 1 Jul 23,2021
City of Kingsport Holiday Lights Jul 20,2021