Category* Solicitation Name Bid Opening or Reply Date
4x4 Tractor May 12,2021
4x2 Tractor May 12,2021
72 Passenger Type D School Bus May 06,2021
Legion Drive Roundabout Apr 30,2021
Dobyns-Bennett HS Tennis Court Improvements Apr 27,2021
2021 Spring Demolitions Apr 22,2021
Asphalt Apr 21,2021
Concrete Apr 21,2021
Stone Apr 21,2021
Contracted Truck Hauling Apr 20,2021
Dobyns-Bennett HS Parking Lot Improvements at Bus Drop Off Apr 14,2021
Andrew Johnson Elementary School Playground Site Work Apr 06,2021
Abraham Lincoln Elementary School Playground Improvements Apr 06,2021
Reel Mower Mar 24,2021
35 Ton Gooseneck Equipped Equipment Trailer Mar 24,2021
2021 Paving of Fort Henry Drive Mar 23,2021
Compact 4x4 Crew Cab Pickup Truck Mar 16,2021
Compact 4x4 Extended Cab Pickup Truck Mar 16,2021
Re-Bid 60" Zero Turn Finishing Mower Mar 10,2021
Re Bid 60" Zero Turn Finishing Mower Mar 10,2021
Re-Bid 72" Zero Turn Finishing Mower Mar 10,2021
Cut Away Style Mini-Bus 18 Passenger Mar 09,2021
Asphalt Compaction Roller Mar 09,2021
DBHS Electrical Switchgear (Dome & Kitchen) Replacement Mar 04,2021
2021 Contracted Paving Area 31 Mar 04,2021
City of Kingsport C&D Landfill Area 2 Closure Project Clay Cap Material Mar 04,2021
Letters of Interest for Home Repairs Utilizing Community Development Block Grant Funds Feb 16,2021