Bid/RFQ/RFP Opening Minutes & Quote Summaries

Category* Solicitation Name Bid Opening or Reply Date
On-Site Health and Wellness Center Mar 20,2018
Pickup Truck Extended Cab 1/2 Ton 4x2 Mar 20,2018
Pickup Truck Extended Cab 1/2 Ton 4x4 Mar 20,2018
Utility Wagon Van AWD Mar 20,2018
Compact Passenger Van Mar 13,2018
Hybrid Compact Sedan Mar 13,2018
Compact Cargo Van Mar 13,2018
Force Main Rehabilitation - Thornton Drive Area Mar 07,2018
Carousel Park Phase 1 Improvements Mar 06,2018
Front Loading Refuse Truck Mar 01,2018
Water and Wastewater Chemicals Feb 27,2018
School Nutrition Commodity Processing for Eggs -Rebid Feb 22,2018
Kingsport Public Library Colonnade Area Furnishings Feb 22,2018
Dobyns-Bennett High School Transformer Relocation Project Feb 20,2018
Weed Chemicals 18 Feb 15,2018
S.R. 36 (Lynn Garden Dr.) Traffic Signal System TDOT PIN #121579.00 Feb 14,2018
Mowing and Trimming Various Locations Feb 07,2018
Kingsport Public Library - Colonnade Improvements Feb 01,2018
Landscape Maintenance Services Jan 31,2018
Tandem Axle Dump Truck Jan 30,2018
Various Water/Sewer Maintenance Items Jan 24,2018
School Nutrition Services Commodity Processing Beef and Eggs Jan 25,2018
Police Midsize Utility Wagon Jan 25,2018
Re-Bid Dobyns-Bennett Track Upgrades Jan 25,2018
Janitorial Services Jan 17,2018
Various Fleet Maintenance Items Jan 10,2018
Re-Bid Dobyns-Bennett Track Upgrades Jan 04,2018
Restroom Renovation at Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium Jan 04,2018

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