The Kingsport Geodetic Reference Network (KGRN) is a network of high order control monuments established for the City of Kingsport as part of our 1990 mapping project. The network consists of one-hundred-ten (110) monuments with back sites within an area bounded on the North by the TN/VA state line, on the East by Exit 66 of I-81, on the South by the Sullivan/Washington county line and on the West by Exit 50 of I-81.Sixteen (16) of these monuments are existing NGS stations, three (3) are existing TVA stations, with the remainder being concrete monuments placed by the City of Kingsport. These are identified by an aluminum cap bearing the words “CITY OF KINGSPORT” and “1990 GPS SURVEY.”An azimuth mark has been set for seventy-nine (79) of the monuments and is identified by an aluminum cap as described above.Of the remainder, twenty-seven (27) monuments use the WKPT radio mast on Bays Mountain as a backsite and four (4) use a radio mast located on the J.T. Parker property near Indian Springs.

Each monument and its azimuth mark have been stamped with an ID number which corresponds with the station number found at the top of the station reports contained within the pdf files linked at the bottom of this page. Where feasible, a red metal witness post with an orange sign, or an orange carsonite marker, has been set at each monument and backsite.All the monuments are located within a road righ-of-way except two (2) within Bays Mountain Park and one (1) within East Lawn Cemetery.

The Tennessee state plane coordinates and geographic coordinates given for each point were established by GPS survey meothods during the summer of 1991.The horizontal control used as a basis for this data was the Order B GPS Survey Network established by the Tennessee Department of Transportation.The elevations given for ninety-nine (99) of the monuments were established by field-run levels using a Wild NA-2000 level with loop closures within the NGS second-order, class 1 specifications.The basis for the elevations was an NGS second-order (NGVD 29) monument located at the Kingsport Public Library.Because of their remote locations, eleven (11) monuments were given elevations by GPS methods and are so noted on the station reports.The elevations given for the backsites were established by GPS methods. The scale factor given for each monument is the scale factor for the Lambert projection.

In the event one of these monuments or backsites is found to be disturbed or destroyed, please report this to the City of Kingsport Engineering Department immediately.This department will maintain a listing of those monuments deleted or added to the network.

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Kingsport Geodetic Reference Network Data Sheets
Kingsport Geodetic Reference Network Map Panel A (1.2MB)
Kingsport Geodetic Reference Network Map Panel B (760KB)
Kingsport Geodetic Reference Network Map Panel C (881KB)
Kingsport Geodetic Reference Network Map Panel D (1.1MB)
Kingsport Geodetic Reference Network Map Panel E (527KB)
Kingsport Geodetic Reference Network Map Panel F (631KB)