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Drug_BoxThe Kingsport Police Department’s Community Relations and Crime Prevention Unit is pleased to announce a new prescription drug collection point in the lobby of the Justice Center located at 200 Shelby Street in Kingsport. Our medication take-back initiative has been named, “Project: Drug Drop Zone.” The goals of this program are to keep drugs off the street, prevent overdoses and accidental poisonings, and avoid environmental contamination. Items that can be placed in our secure drug drop box include non-narcotics, narcotics, over the counter (OTC), herbals, and veterinary medications. Items that should not be placed in the box include needles or sharps, biohazard materials, and illegal drugs. The Kingsport Police Department’s first attempt at collecting leftover, unwanted, or expired medication was held on September 25, 2010. At that extremely successful event, held offsite at Rhoten Allstate Agency, 179 pounds of medication were collected and destroyed. With this new drug collection point in the lobby of the Justice Center, citizens can drop off their unwanted medication 24 hours a day at their convenience, rather than having to wait for a special event. All medications will be properly disposed of by the Kingsport Police Department. A photograph of the drug collection box as well as an informational flyer are attached to this press release. For additional information or questions concerning Project: Drug Drop Zone, please contact the Kingsport Police Department’s Community Relations and Crime Prevention Unit at (423) 229-9433 or ThomasMPatton@KingsportTN.gov.

Click here to see the Drog Drop Zone Poster information. (PDF file)

Click here to view an Informational PDF on the Drug Drop Zone.

**Below is a Chart of the progress since we have installed this Drug Drop Box.

DateWeight (lbs.)Event
September 25, 2010179Offsite Collection Event at Rhoten Allstate Agency
January 27, 2012N/ADrug Box Installed in Lobby of Justice Center
January through December 20121,274Total 2012 Annual Collections
January 4, 20135Box emptied
January 17, 20136Box emptied
January 25, 201318Box emptied
February 1, 201328Box emptied
February 11, 201355Box emptied
February 22, 201328Box emptied
March 1, 20138Box emptied
March 8, 201328Box emptied
March 14, 201328Box emptied
March 21, 201314Box emptied
April 5, 201315Box emptied
April 12, 20135Box emptied
April 18, 201311Box emptied
April 25, 201340Box emptied
May 3, 201348Box emptied
May 10, 201332Box emptied
May 16, 20136Box emptied
May 23, 201321Box emptied
May 31, 201320Box emptied
June 7, 201343Box emptied
June 14, 201333Box emptied
June 20, 2013330Expired Meds Dropped Off by Medical Office
June 20, 201311Box emptied
June 28, 201328Box emptied
Total2,314Total (lbs.) Drugs Collected / Destroyed