Size of Service Area Population Served Number of Households Served Frequency
46.94 square miles 44,905 20,125 Weekly

Since the beginning of Kingsport’s recycling program, we have picked up more than five million pounds of recyclable material.  This has helped to make newspapers, grocery bags, cardboard, fiber for carpets, Spic & Span containers, Proctor & Gamble products, plastic lumber, glass containers, aluminum cans, steel products and industrial heating oil.  Way to go Kingsport!  Your recycling will be picked up on the same day as your garbage.  Check the Friday’s FYI section in the Kingsport Times-News for the locations of local drop off centers.

Items recycled:
Newspaper and Inserts
Junk Mail
Phone Books
Shredded Paper
Home Office Paper Products (fax sheets, typing paper, receipts, envelopes)
Tin and Aluminum Cans
Plastics with #1 and #2 Recycling Logos on the Bottom
Glass Food and Beverage Containers
Used Motor Oil

The City does not pick up plastic bags, plastic wrap or plastic containers containing automotive products or hazardous materials.  Cardboard, brown paper, food wrappers or anything that doesn’t tear cannot be accepted.

Please rinse containers and remove lids before placing in the bin.