The Kingsport Fire Department Saves You Money

Part of the insurance premiums that are paid by homeowners and businesses are based on the quality of the fire protection available. The Insurance Services Organization (ISO) suggests the rating to any insurance company that requests it. The ISO conducts an inspection of the fire department and its capabilities, the available water supply in the area (the closest fire hydrant and water flow from that hydrant) and the emergency communications facility. When the inspection is complete, a score/grade is assigned to the city. This grade will have an effect on the property insurance premium that you pay. Class 1 is the very best grade and you can expect to pay the lowest premium available. Class 10 is the worst rating and is assigned to areas which offer no fire protection.
The City of Kingsport has a Class 2 rating.

Based on information obtained from various insurance agencies in the city, one can see the substantial savings the City of Kingsport Fire Department offers to residents and businesses:


There are approximately 15,200 residential units inside the City of Kingsport. The median value of a home in the city is $97,500. The average homeowner’s policy for coverage amount of $97,500 is $273 per year in the city. This is based on the Class 3 ISO Rating. If the same house was in a Class 10 ISO Rating area, the annual insurance premium would be $556 per year. This saves the homeowner approximately $283 on their insurance premium.


There are approximately 2,104 commercial buildings in the City of Kingsport.

A commercial building covered for the amount of $100,000 has a yearly minimum rate of $412 for Class 3 ISO Rating area. If the same building were in a Class 10 ISO rating area, the minimum premium would be $1144 per year. (This applies the structure itself). The contents inside the building would be insured separately. Although there is no accurate way to calculate the amount of contents in all buildings in the city, the savings in premiums in a Class 3 area would be substantial from that of a Class 10 area. In the City of Kingsport, this could cause a savings of tens of thousands of dollars in content insurance premiums.


Based on the above information from various insurance agencies, the level of service delivered by the Kingsport Fire Department provides a MINIMUM savings to property owners of $5,775,848 in annual insurance premiums.