The Kingsport MTPO is finalizing the update of the Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The draft plan is posted below for review. Please contact us at if you have any questions or would like more information.

Presentation of the Kingsport MTPO Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan from 09.02.21 (begins at 19:15)

Kingsport MTPO Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan – DRAFT 08.26.21


The second round of public input will be open through April 23, 2021. Please take a few minutes to review the draft recommendations and provide additional comments or suggestions. Links to a video presentation, the draft bikeway network, draft pedestrian network, and an interactive map (where you can view the draft recommendations and provide feedback) are below.

Presentation from April 8 Public Meeting

DRAFT Bikeway Network

DRAFT Pedestrian Network

Interactive Map


The first round of public input will be open through January 8, 2021. Please take a few minutes to provide your input to guide the direction of the plan by telling us where you would like to see new bike/ped facilities or crossing improvements, identify major destinations or activity centers you would like to access by walking or biking, or simply provide a general comment. Links to a short video presentation, an online survey, and an interactive map are below.



Interactive Map

Bike/Ped Plan Progress Meeting – 10/23/20


Bicycling and walking are forms of low impact transportation and enjoyable types of exercise and recreation. They provide alternatives to motorized travel, provided that facilities and programs are in place to encourage and safely accommodate a diverse public.

The purpose of the Kingsport Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan is to establish a comprehensive bikeway and pedestrian network which enables regional jurisdictions to plan and implement facilities that improve safety, enhance mobility, and promote a higher quality of life throughout this part of northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia. The plan has been developed through oversight of the Kingsport Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization (KMTPO) and with the coordinated assistance of a local steering committee as well as the public. The plan is comprehensive in a regional scale in that it identifies locations for new facilities, policy changes to encourage walking and biking, and other opportunities to encourage bicycle and pedestrian travel.

Click here to view the current Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan – COMPLETED 2012.

Land use and transportation planning is key to establishing quality multimodal service and to affording choices in transportation to community members. Thorough planning enables a community to become proactive rather than reactive in addressing concerns about bicyclist access, mobility, safety, and aesthetics. In the end, this can save time, money, and lives. Nationwide, communities are realizing they cannot build their way out of congestion. They must look to other solutions, such as transit, carpooling and bicycling. A healthy transportation system provides safe, convenient choices. Improving bicycling conditions provides alternatives for the increasing numbers of citizens who can’t afford, don’t want to, or are physically unable to drive motor vehicles.

The 5Es to becoming Bicycle Friendly
Encouragement – Creating an environment that is conducive to more bicycle riding for fun, fitness, and transportation.
Education – An informed citizenry, knowledgeable police, legislators and public officials and better training for engineers and planners in facility design.
Engineering – Creating a bicycle and pedestrian transportation system that allows users with varying abilities to safely and efficiently travel between destinations.
Enforcement – Equitable and consistent enforcement of traffic laws affecting motorists and bicyclists.
Evaluation – Regular monitoring and performance evaluation of our progress toward becoming a bicycle-friendly community.