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The Records Division has converted from a data entry port to a quality control emphasis with respect to police reports. This is due to our new PDAs, which use DataDriven as a field-reporting tool and VisionAir, our new Records Management System.

The Records Division is responsible for manual filing of all case files of officers and for quality control of all TIBRS data into the department’s computer system. This includes all incident reports and arrest reports that will be submitted to the state for reporting.

Traffic citations are tracked for City Court purposes and accountability for MTAS standards. Management of request for public information due to incident and accident reports are also part of the day-to-day activities, as well as city court management.

The Records Division is responsible for the retention of all reports and citations utilized by the Kingsport Police Department. In 2009, the Kingsport Police Department began a process of being a paperless reporting agency through using PDA’s and a new records management system. Thus, Records Division became a quality control process for review of Tennessee Incident Base Reporting System (TIBRS).

The Records Division serves as a customer service point and is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

The Records Division is also responsible for payments for the Red Light Violations. If you would like to pay online please click here. (The link will redirect you to our City’s Website. Once there please click Pay Online and look for the Red Light Violation option.) If you need to review your video from the Red Light Violation please click here. Please have your citation number and vehicle tag information ready as these are needed to review the footage.

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