1916 Fire Depatment
Cental Fire Station
Chief Warrick – 1924
Clichfield RR Depot Fire  on 4-21-1919
Fire Training
First Kingsport Fire Department
Former Kingsport Crew
Former Kingsport Crew
Funeral – 1972
Former Kingsport Fire Station
Hose through a car
July 4th, 1936
Kenner and Taylor with Engine
KFD 1936
Kingsport Grocery Fire 1937
Kingsport Grocery Fire
Kingsport Fire Crew
Showing Off Capabilities of New Ladder Truck
Ladder Training
Ladder Training with Hose
Saying Goodbye to Fallen Firefighter Denver Lisenby
Open Top Truck
Open Top Trucks
Santa on Fire Truck
Showing of New Equipment
Station 2 – 1941
Training Exercise
Trampoline Catch Training
Training Session