The Reedy Creek Sewer Trunkline project began last month.  A sewer trunk line is an underground pipeline that collects overflow from smaller lines and feeds into one main pipeline. It’s one of the crucial pieces to having a well-functioning sewer system.

The initial phase will begin at the Wastewater Treatment Plant with a tunnel under the railroad to West Center Street. Various sections will be replaced long Center Street and will eventually cross over to the old Fairway Ford property.

It will then travel along Reedy Creek until it comes out on Sullivan St near the triangle intersection, crossing Sullivan St.  It will then run along Reedy Creek again and tie in above Lovedale Sewer Lift Station, thereby eliminating the outdated station.

“This new pipe is bigger and will help the system function better,” said Ryan McReynolds, assistant city manager. “The existing pipeline is just too small and old. We’re proactively having it replaced instead of waiting until we have a major issue.”

The majority of the trunk line is 48” diameter that will be 18 to 20 feet deep in most places with some places being deeper. This trunk line will replace the previous trunk line that has been in place since the 1950s.

Construction will cost roughly $6.8 million and is expected to be completed at the end of December 2017.

reedy creek infographic