Police Department Icon
  • $32,148 starting salary
  • Vacation
  • Medical
  • Paid Academy
  • On-the-job Training Program
  • Annual Retraining and Certification
  • All Uniforms and Equipment provided

The City of Kingsport recognizes that an experienced police officer brings increased expertise and quicker employee productivity to the organization. As such the City shall have a policy of providing an adjusted salary based on the appointee’s law enforcement employment history.

The following guidelines may apply in order to qualify for the adjustment:

  • A minimum of 2 years as a sworn law enforcement officer preceding the date of the application,
  • Either be currently employed by a law enforcement agency, or have left his/her agency (in good standing) no more that three years preceding application,
  • Comply with all procedures, qualifications, and standards set forth in the POST Commission Rules and Regulations, and Tennessee Code Annotated relating to employment with the Kingsport Police Department regarding certification, background investigations and all mandated testing,
  • Creditable service shall be defined as one year of credit for every two years of law enforcement service – with a maximum credit of five years (necessitating ten years of experience).


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