Community Development utilizes federal funds to upgrade individual homes and neighborhoods for low to moderate income homeowners.

Community Development Information

Mission Statement:

The Community Development Department is dedicated to leveraging HUD’s Community Development Block Grant to foster inclusive and sustainable growth. Our responsibilities include administering CDBG funds to enhance neighborhoods, promote economic opportunity, ensure access to affordable housing, and essential services for all residents. Through strategic partnerships and efficient resource allocation, we empower our community, address economic disparities, and create pathways for social and economic advancement.


The projected use of funds has been developed to give maximum priority to activities that will carry out one of the national objectives:

  1. Benefit low- and moderate-income (LMI) families.
  2. Aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or blight.
  3. Other community development areas which demonstrate a particular urgent need or because existing conditions pose a serious and immediate threat to the health or welfare of the community and where other financial resources are not available to meet such needs.
Contact Information:

Contact person:

Michael Price, Community Planner

Phone: 423-224-2877

Mailing Information:

415 Broad Street 2nd Floor

Kingsport, TN 37660



8am to 5pm