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The Kingsport Police Department often receives feedback from citizens, where they feel that an individual officer, or the department as a whole, has been exceptionally helpful, courteous, professional, etc. A selection of these compliments from citizens will be shared here on this page.

“Hi, I just wanted to tell you guys that while patrolling our street today as our children were out playing, officer Steele took the time to stop and show them how the lights worked and talk to them and even took some pictures with the kids. This made there day!!! Thank you officer Steele!!! You are officially super cool to all the kids on Carrington Court!!!!!”

“You have my sincerest thanks for the wonderful tour [of the Justice Center] you gave my Tiger Scouts yesterday. They really enjoyed it and it far exceeded my expectations. Thank you again [Officer Patton] for both your professionalism and courtesy.”

“To all our Kingsport Police Department employees, thank you for what you do today, and everyday. We don’t think about you often enough, but we appreciate you when we do.”

“You guys are doing great on Lynn Garden Dr. slowing folks down in the school zone! Keep up the good work.”

“Kingsport City Dispatch has the nicest, coolest & fun dispatchers ? They are always nice to us, always ? Loads of respect for dispatchers, as their job is highly challenging & highly stressful.”

“Your page (facebook) provides an overall view of what’s going in our town. I have the utmost respect for your work and that respect increased during the crackdown on synthetic drugs. I commend your actions and stand in support of your efforts to keep our residents safe. Thank you.”

“Thank you for all the work you’ve done in the past several hours! You have all shown your dedication and care! May The Lord bless you and protect you as you go about doing your work!”

“I want to thank all of the Kingsport City workers Police, Fire and Ambulance for the “AWESOME” job they did during the bad storms and flooding we had. You all ROCK! A job well done!”