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The Training/Personnel Unit is responsible for critical functions within the police department. Primarily, the officers are to ensure that all personnel receive the proper training and certification for each person’s job assignment/rank. These assignments range from police officer to communications specialist to jailer to records clerk, and all the varied support positions. The Training Staff works closely with outside agencies and academies in the development of training programs for basic recruits and experienced officers.

The Training/Personnel Unit assists the administration in the selection process for police officer at least once each year. This process consists of administering a written examination, conducting a physical agility test for the candidates who pass the written examination, and scheduling an oral interview for the applicants who successfully pass the physical agility test.

Once hired, the Training Unit supervises the recruit throughout his/her academy and field training. This unit is also responsible for the certification and continuing education of senior personnel, developing lesson plans/curriculum for training courses, and maintaining specialized certifications, e.g. Bomb and Arson Technicians. State law requires annual training for police officers, jailers, dispatchers, and record clerks.