KINGSPORT – The intersection of Rock Springs Road and Westfield Drive will be reduced to one travel lane on Wednesday, September 28, from 7 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. for water line work. In addition, residents may experience some reduction in water service during construction work. As always, motorists are asked to use the utmost caution in the work zone.

KINGSPORT – Continuing wastewater system work will require limiting access to Warpath Drive from Fort Henry Drive all day Tuesday to allow for rehabilitation of a line segment tying into a manhole in the Fort Henry/Warpath intersection. Only emergency traffic will be permitted through the intersection onto Warpath from Fort Henry. In addition, unrelated work on South Eastman Road will require the closure of South Eastman on Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Haga Road to Moreland Drive while a contractor installs a new waterline. Detour routes will be provided, with motorists asked to remain alert for construction crews in the work zones, while planning ahead and seeking alternative routes whenever possible.


KINGSPORT, Tenn. ‚¬ The Kingsport Area Chamber of Commerce will host a Prime Time Trade Show and Business After Hours event Tuesday, September 27, from 4:05 to 7:05 p.m. at the new Farmers Market in Kingsport.

This first time event will be held in celebration of the Kingsport Chambers June Membership Drive during which the organization welcomed more than 200 new members. These new members as well as long-term Kingsport Chamber members get the chance to showcase their business in a fun tailgate themed atmosphere.

I am so excited for the Kingsport Chamber to be hosting this event, Kingsport Chamber director of Chamber Relations Kim Jones said. My part in this is to help our members connect the dots and help potential customers know what their business is all about. Its an ongoing process of education and this Prime Time event will be a fun way to implement that.

The Prime Time Trade Show and Business After Hours will be set up in the parking lot of the new Farmers Market in Kingsport on the corner of Center and Clinchfield Streets. There will be more than 70 vendors who had the choice to advertise from the back of their tailgate or a table directly inside the Farmers Market.

This event is open the public and refreshments will be provided.

The Prime Time Trade Show and Business After Hours headline sponsor is Phil Bachman Honda ‚¬ instrumental in the June Membership Drive and a very active Kingsport Chamber member.

Associate sponsors are Holston Business Development Center and Chefs Pizzeria ‚¬ also very active in the Kingsport Chambers efforts.

The Chamber Relations program works to offer members the opportunity to promote their products and services and be as visible in the community as possible.

The Kingsport Area Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-profit business organization comprised of nearly 1,000 members.‚  The Kingsport Chambers mission is to utilize resources and focus efforts on enhancing a strong and viable business environment for the Kingsport area.

For more information on the Kingsport Chamber, go to or call (423) 392-8800.‚  Were social, too; follow us on our Facebook page, Your Kingsport Area Chamber of Commerce, and on our Twitter account, @kptchamber.

KINGSPORT – Art Nights/City Lights is proud to announce that Grammy Award winning country music artist Becky Hobbs will be performing at the Renaissance Center Theatre on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 7:00pm.‚ ‚ Becky Hobbs will present selections from her musical Nanyehi: the Life of Nancy Ward.‚  This musical tells the story of Cherokee Chieftainess Nancy Ward who made her famous plea for peace on the Long Island of the Holston ‚¬ near modern day Kingsport.‚  Becky has been working with the Western Band of Cherokee Indians to accurately portray this honored woman.‚  Many of the memorable songs include Cherokee language and reference Cherokee customs.

General Admission is $12.00 per person and tickets can be purchased anytime at‚  or by calling 423-392-8416.


KINGSPORT – Blakley Drive will be closed Tuesday through Thursday (Sept 13-15) due to water and sewer construction. Residents may experience loss of water during this time period. Traffic control will be provided and motorists are advised to proceed with the utmost caution.


KINGSPORT – Bays Mountain Park is now offering twilight zips on the zip line in September, October, and November.‚  The twilight zips are limited to 25 people and tickets must be pre-purchased.‚  Ticket prices are $10.00 for general public and $5.00 for BMP members.‚  Weight limit for the zip line is 275lbs.‚  The zips are scheduled for September 22nd @7:00 pm, October 13th @ 7:00 pm, and November 17th @ 5:00 pm.‚  Anyone who is interested may call Mark Kilgore‚  (230-6357) or Stacy Jarrell (229-9448) to reserve your spot.‚ 


KINGSPORT – In a token of the continuing commitment to City-County cooperation, the City of Kingsport has donated two 72-passenger school buses to the Sullivan County Sheriffs Office for use in a number of vital programs that secure all County citizens as well as improve the area environment.

When the Board of Mayor and Aldermen was recently presented with low potential trade-in values on the 15-year-old buses, Mayor Dennis Phillips suggested checking with Sullivan County for any potential uses.

Although far from worn out, state law requires all school buses to be retired at a certain point in their life cycle. Both diesel powered vehicles have about 157,000 miles on them.

Residents of Kingsport are also Sullivan County residents, and when we can work together, whether on a smaller matter like this or a larger one like economic development, everyone wins, Mayor Dennis Phillips said. Sheriff Wayne Anderson and his Department continually do right by Kingsport citizens, and prove invaluable in keeping our roadways clean and our streets safer.

According to the Sheriffs Department, the two buses will assist in a number of areas, principally in litter pick-up, but also providing an emergency means for public evacuation or mass transportation if a larger number of deputies are need at an incident.

Right now we only have two vans for our day worker program, which means we can only target two areas of the county at one time for litter pickup, Anderson said. The buses will change that and allow us to expand our efforts, so we are excited to be given the opportunity to add these buses to our fleet.

At the same time, we really do have a strong partnership with all of our cities in Sullivan County, and look forward to continuing to grow those relationships.

At this point, the two buses have been made ready for delivery to the Sheriffs Department at their convenience.


¯»¿KINGSPORT¯»¿ ‚¬ Mayor Dennis Phillips has appointed Clarence W. Bunky Seay to serve as the first Chief Service Officer of Kingsport, joining Nashville, Chattanooga and Memphis as the only Tennessee cities to embark on an ambitious program to boost impact volunteerism.

Led out of the mayor’s office, these efforts address pressing challenges in priority areas such as economic recovery, education and youth, health, or neighborhood revitalization. Impact volunteerism deploys volunteer strategies based on best practices with clear outcomes and measures established to gauge progress towards meeting those challenges.

While many CSOs kick off their year-long mission with a broad-based planning and analysis segment, Seays mission is already laid out clearly before him.

We have been discussing this for a while now with the Mayor, Aldermen, City Manager and community, Seay said. Our focus will center on economic development. We have a huge pool of untapped human resources in the community ‚¬ engineering talent, international sales talent, chemists and retired executives from the many strong employers in the community. Were going to develop a database and catalog this talent so we can put it to work helping Kingsport identify potential new businesses to recruit or help existing companies expand.

The Cities of Service coalition was founded in September 2009 by 17 mayors from across the nation to find new and innovative ways to harness the power of volunteers. To-date, more than 110 cities have joined the coalition and more than 30 cities have appointed a Chief Service Officer, a senior city official dedicated to developing and implementing a high-impact service plan that targets volunteers to the city’s greatest needs.

And, the program has received a boost of late, through a partnership with AARP that offers $5,000 grants to smaller cities that join the movement and agree to appoint a volunteer CSO for one year to work under the Mayors office. Mayor Phillips has agreed to take that step.

We are incredibly fortunate to have wonderful citizens like Bunky who are willing to step up for a set period of time and help us improve our community, Mayor Dennis Phillips said Friday. We have understood for quite awhile now that we have a tremendous group of untapped human resources in Kingsport that can help us create new jobs. I can imagine no greater mission and am deeply grateful that Bunky Seay has agreed to step forward to help us meet that goal.

Seay, and his wife, Margot, moved to Kingsport in 1969, with Bunky, a trained engineer, working in marketing for Eastman Chemical Company. Since retiring in 1999, Bunky has been very active in the community, volunteering with Meals on Wheels, United Way and other community organizations. Bunky is also a past president of Kiwanis Club of Kingsport.”

While he has a definite time period of a year he expects to spend on the Cities of Service project, Seay says the project should continue beyond his time.

We are going to try to develop a database of retirees, Seay said. If we end up with 15 high-quality people, then it will be a success in my opinion. But once we develop this database, it will need to be updated annually. It will go stale pretty quickly if we dont. I can envision developing a website that helps us keep this project alive long after the initial work is completed.

Seays office will be assisted by two city staffers, Economic Development Researcher Jeanette Scalf and Grants & Education Initiatives Director Morris Baker.

Anyone with an interest in helping the project should drop an email to Seay at or call the citys main phone number at 229-9400 and ask for Scalf or Baker.


Founded in New York City on Sept. 10, 2009 by 17 mayors from cities around the nation, Cities of Service is a bipartisan coalition of mayors committed to working together to engage citizens in a multi-year effort to address pressing city needs through impact volunteerism. The coalition includes more than 100 mayors, representing nearly 50 million Americans. Cities of Service supports mayors to leverage citizen service strategies, addressing local needs and making government more effective. All Cities of Service efforts are characterized by a concept called impact volunteering — volunteer strategies that target community needs, use best practices, and set clear outcomes and measures to gauge progress. The coalition builds on the work of New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who created the nations first service plan in April 2009 and appointed the nations first municipal Chief Service Officer.


AARP was founded on the principal of service. Since its establishment in 1958, AARP has been dedicated to delivering value to its members through service. Now, with the heightened interest in civic engagement and a new vitality around service, including the passage of the Kennedy Serve America Act in 2009, AARP is well-positioned to tap into the strength of its millions of members to help solve pressing problems at the community level through the Cities of Service ‚¬ AARP Volunteer Chief Service Officer Initiative.


Through collaboration between Cities of Service and AARP, the Cities of Service coalition will expand to cities with less than 125,000 residents by providing an opportunity to appoint a highly-skilled volunteer to serve as Chief Service Officer for one year, many of whom come from AARPs membership. Chief Service Officers are senior members of the mayoral leadership team and are responsible for the development and implementation of a high-impact service plan that leverages citizen service to address the citys most important challenges. In addition to appointing a volunteer Chief Service Officer, participating cities receive a $5,000 Recognition Award from AARP and technical assistance from Cities of Service to develop and implement their high-impact service plans.


KINGSPORT – For some time now, the Kingsport Police Department has been utilizing an e-Press Release to disseminate information to the media via e-mail.‚  Now, we are pleased to announce our new K.P.D. Blotter, which will also be circulated by way of e-mail.‚  The primary difference between our e-Press Release and our K.P.D. Blotter is that the former is delivered primarily to members of the media, while the latter will be circulated to anyone who wishes to subscribe.‚  Topics that will be relayed in the K.P.D. Blotter may include but not be limited to new laws, community safety tips, new programs being offered by the department, recent investigatory successes, crime trends, unsolved cases, closed roads, emergency preparedness, etc.‚  Occasionally, we may even request assistance from our subscribers on a current investigation, as each citizen is an extra set of eyes and ears in the community to help us gather information.‚  We at the Kingsport Police Department realize that while the actual members of the department accomplish a great deal every day, we can accomplish so much more with the help of our citizenry.‚  If anyone wishes to subscribe to the new K.P.D. Blotter, all they need to do is send an e-mail request to, and they will be added to the distribution list.‚  For additional information or questions concerning the new K.P.D. Blotter, please contact our Community Relations and Crime Prevention Officer, Ptl. Thomas M. Patton, at or 423-229-9433.