This page is dedicated to E-911 addressing material. Scroll down thru the page to see what is available on the website. If you have any questions regarding addressing issues inside the City of Kingsport please contact Bunny Campbell in the GIS Division at 423-224-2462.

911 Address Requirements For Final Plat Submission
If a subdivision is submitted for final approval within the city limits of Kingsport then 911 addresses must be noted on the final plat and a member of the GIS Division must certify them before signing it. The contact person in the GIS Division for 911 addressing is Bunny Campbell. She can be reached by phone at (423) 224-2462 or by email at To view a letter regarding 911 addressing and the minimum regulations for subdivision development within the Kingsport, Tennessee Planning Region please click on the link below.

Kingsport Master Street & Address Guide (MSAG)

The Kingsport Master Street & Address Guide (MSAG) is the official listing for street names and address ranges inside the City of Kingsport.

Click here for the Kingsport Master Street & Address Guide (MSAG)