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Community policing has worked to proactively keep the public housing areas and other communities in Kingsport safe. Working with community groups such as KHA and Weed and Seed, the police department has continued to maintain and foster positive relationships. We continue to work together to help reduce crime and to make Kingsport a safe place to live and raise a family. Implementing community-policing strategies includes assistance to community organizations, with programs such as the Neighborhood Watch Program. In 2009, the department received a Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) grant that funded six police officer positions. These officers are used to grow our previous efforts as well as developing a department wide community policing strategy. Working with a local Weed and Seed organization, which secured federal grants in 2005, community policing has enhanced enforcement activities and other programs in high crime neighborhoods. Together with the Weed and Seed organization, we are working to secure another federal grant that will expand our current Weed and Seed area to include the Highland, Borden Park, and Lynn Garden area. With the success we had in the Riverview area, we are expanding our efforts to these and other areas within the city. We also assist communities and public housing with block parties and other events that involve children and residents. Our goal is to develop close associations with members of the city to strengthen the bond between public safety and the citizens of Kingsport.