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The Kingsport Police Department’s Quartermaster is responsible for the issuance of every uniform, vehicle, and piece of equipment in use by the department. He also serves as the building supervisor of the Kingsport Justice Center. The Quartermaster manages the department’s Evidence and Property Unit which handles the disposition of every article of physical evidence and found property that enters into the possession of the Kingsport Police Department.

John_BlessingSergeant John Blessing served three years in the United States Army prior to beginning his law enforcement career. He was sworn in as a Kingsport Police Officer in 1990. He has served as a Patrol Officer, a Detective, a Code-Enforcement Officer, and as a member of the K.P.D. Honor Guard Team. While serving in the Criminal Investigations Division, Sergeant Blessing specialized in the investigation of cases involving arson, check forgery, and credit card fraud. He was promoted to Sergeant in June of 2014 and currently serves as the department’s Quartermaster and supervises the Evidence and Property Unit.