Battle of Kingsport Monument

Located at Netherland Inn Road Bridge just upstream from the river confluence of the North and South Forks of the Holston. This a great stop to catch a look a soaring Bald Eagle. Free parking.

Boatyard Area

On Netherland Inn Road across the street from the Inn itself features a replica River Ferry Boat. Nesting Baltimore orioles are often seen here in the Spring and Summer months. Free parking.
Stonebrook Place
Parking area is just off E. Stone Drive. Greenbelt passes near a detention pond, through mowed areas, and along a wooded stream. Free parking.

East Stone Commons

Very easy access to the Greenbelt from parking area where the trail divides wooded Reedy Creek from a wetland area. This area is best known for nesting Yellow-crowned Night-Herons. Free parking.

The Exchange Place

This historic market place and homestead consists of areas of mowed field, mature landscape trees, and mature tree lined trail. Spring and Fall migrating birds pass heavily through this area. Free parking.