Kingsport Fire Department

A Brief History 1916-2012

The Kingsport Fire Department was organized June 23, 1916 as a self-supporting volunteer organization consisting of 48 men divided among four companies. The apparatus consisted of four hand-drawn hose reels, 2,000 feet of hose, one hand-drawn hook and ladder truck, (which had one 20ft and one 30ft ladder an 18ft wall ladder, and axes, poles, and lanterns), six nozzles, and one hand-drawn chemical engine with two 35 gallon chemical tanks. Fire alarms were sounded by a wildcat whistle at the Extract Plant.

Kingsport's First Fire Station
KIngsport’s First Fire Station
Chief Tom Warrick
Chief Tom Warrick 1917-1930M

The City assumed financial responsibility of the department when it was incorporated in 1917. The first pumper, purchased in 1917, is still owned by the department and is displayed at Station Two in an outdoor showroom built by firefighters. The department started operating under the leadership of Chief Tom Warrick. They responded to calls with one paid driver until 1930, when four paid firefighters and the second pumper were added to the force.

Cheif Roy Pyle
Chief Roy Pyle 1935-1945

J. Roy Pyle was chosen for the office of Chief in 1935 and served until 1945. During Chief Pyle’s term, Fire Station 2 at Crescent and Ft. Henry was built and a ladder truck was added to the list of vehicles.

Chief C. M. Kenner
Chief C. M. Kenner 1945-1978

C.M. Kenner was named Chief in 1945 and served until his retirement in 1978. During Chief Kenner’s term, operations continued as a part paid and part volunteer until 1950, when the last of the volunteers were phased out. Fire Station 3 on Memorial was constructed in 1965 and Fire Station 4 on West Stone in 1969. A replacement for the Watauga Street Station was built in 1971 on Island Street to protect the central business district. This building now is designated as Station One, and houses the Administrative Offices, the Fire Marshal’s Office, and the Safety/Training Office.

Cjeif L. D. Caldwell
Chief C. L. Caldwell 1978-1994

In 1978, C. L. Caldwell was appointed to the office of Fire Chief and held the office until his retirement in 1994. During Chief Caldwell’s term, Kingsport’s growth continued and Fire Station 5 in Lynn Garden opened in 1990 and Fire Station 6 in Colonial Heights on Ft. Henry Dr. opened in 1992. A hazardous materials response unit was added and a number of personnel were trained as hazardous material technicians. Also during his term, the Paramedic training was initiated and the first class of approximately 20 KFD members received their paramedic licenses. In August of 1995, the department implemented Advanced Life Support (ALS) and currently 43 members are Paramedics.

Chief J. C. Moser 1994-2001
Chief J. C. Moser 1994-2001

In 1994, J. C. Moser was appointed Chief and held the office until his retirement in 2001. During Chief Moser’s term, the department received accreditation by the Commission of Fire Accreditation International in the year 2000. Only 129 departments in the world currently hold this honor, with Kingsport being one of the first 25 departments to be accredited. Specialized Haz-Mat and Tactical Rescue Teams were begun consisting of five personnel from each shift. The Kingsport Fire Department Training Facility was also constructed during Chief Moser’s tenure built completely by Fire Department Members. The position of Safety/Training Officer was also created to enhance and coordinate the training of all personnel.

Chief Charles A. White 2001-2003
Chief Charles A. White 2001-2003

In 2001, Charles A. White was appointed to the office of Fire Chief. During this year a new Deputy Chief of Operations position was created. Robert Sluss was appointed to the position of Fire Marshal. The special teams were increased from 5 per shift to 7 and most Haz-Mat team members updated their certification through TEMA to Technician level. A future site for a fire station was purchased at the Airport Parkway exit off I-81. Chief C.A. White retired in December of 2003.

Chief Craig Dye 2004-2017
Chief Craig Dye 2004-2017

Craig Dye was named Fire Chief in 2004. Under his tenure Station 7 and Station 8 were constructed. The Kingsport Fire Department currently consists of 122 employees. The Hazardous Materials Team was State Accredited and the Technical Rescue Team is working on the same. Chief Dye served as chairman of the CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive) Committee under Homeland Security. The department is the lead agency for both Tennessee District 1 Homeland Security Teams. Chief Dye retired in November of 2016

Chief Scott Boyd

In 2017 Scott Boyd was officially named as Kingsport’s Fire Chief. Boyd has over 30 years of service, half that time as Assistant Chief – serving in a key leadership role during one of the most expansive growth periods in the department’s history.

Boyd has served as Accreditation Manager since 2005. The Kingsport Fire Department was one of the first 40 Fire Departments in the world to obtain the Commission on Fire Accreditation International designation in 2001 and has been re-accredited four times since.

He has served on numerous professional and community boards including Eastman’s Community Advisory Panel, National Incident Management System, The Rotary Club of Kingsport Downtown, United Way, a director of the Tennessee Mutual Aid System, Tennessee Tactical Rescue Task Force, and Sullivan County Hazard Mitigation Plan Committee. He is treasurer of the Northeast Tennessee Fire Chief’s Association, and a member of the Tennessee, Southeast, and International Association of Fire Chiefs.

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The Kingsport Fire Department was reaccredited in 2016 by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International. All suppression personnel are certified by the Tennessee Commission on Firefighting Standards to the highest level available and are licensed by the State as Paramedics or EMT. All personnel in the Fire Marshal’s Office are certified through the State Fire Marshal’s Office. We at the Kingsport Fire Department dedicate ourselves to continue to work and train to be a premier department in the State of Tennessee.

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