The MTPOs new Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a 20 plus year guide for transportation investments throughout the metropolitan area. To develop the plan, population and job growth trends were projected into the future; traffic levels were forecasted and compared to the capacity of the road network; and the costs of needed transportation projects were estimated and compared with revenue forecasts.

The plan is required by federal law to be financially constrained. This cost-affordable plan can only contain projects for which funding is secured or can reasonably be expected to be available. The LRTP has three broad goals: livability, sustainability, and prosperity. Performance measures are also included to help monitor improvement and assist with decision making.

A program approach was chosen to create a stronger link between the plans goals and transportation improvement funding. The program categories including: safety and transportation system management/intelligent transportation system solutions, capacity improvements, economic development and job access, and active transportation. As part of the plan development process, opportunities were provided for public and stakeholder input, which is an important activity in determining transportation needs and priorities.

The LRTP establishes a balanced and financially feasible set of multimodal transportation enhancements that will be implemented over the next 20 plus years.

LRTP Amendment #1