Photo ids from left to right are:
Sullivan County Mayor Steve Godsey, Bristol, Va., Mayor Guy Odom, Kingsport Alderman Tom Parham, Kingsport Mayor Dennis Phillips, Johnson City Commissioner Jenny Brock, Bristol City Manager Bill Sorah, Alderman Tom Segelhorst, Alderman Colette George, Johnson City City Manager Pete Peterson and Vice Mayor Mike McIntire

KINGSPORT – Mayor Dennis Phillips demonstrated a warm heart amid the snowy conditions brought by Winter Storm Pax by issuing a proclamation Friday morning extending Valentine’s Day through Sunday.

“There may be snow on the roof, but this remains a special day that we shouldn’t let a little snow get in the way of,” Mayor Phillips said. “Young or old, we wouldn’t want those with love in their hearts to miss out on that special dinner or other event, whether it’s with a parent, spouse or significant other.”

Phillips said he has spoken with representatives of several restaurants, florists and other merchants in the Kingsport area, and they have agreed to extend discounts and sales events through Sunday.

Phillips is reaching out to other Tri-Cities Mayors asking them also to extend Valentine’s Day through the weekend.

“We wouldn’t want old lovers, like myself, young lovers or hopeful lovers to miss out on this once-a-year opportunity to express their devotion to those they truly care for,” Phillips said.

The reading of the proclamation was held at 10 a.m. Friday at the Food City on North Eastman Road.

To view a pdf of the proclamation, please click here.