Cities across the country strive every day to beautify and increase appeal to residents and visitors. A pleasant community appearance adds to home values, helps attract business investments, and improves a neighborhood’s reputation. Research shows that beauty is one of the top three factors in creating community attachment, or loyalty, to your particular town or city.

City beautification is important and crucial in attracting and retaining residents. Kingsport is not only highlighting all the great features already in place but also working toward beautifying more spaces.

Many beatification concepts came out of the ONEKingsport Summit and several have moved forward. The city clock tower, up and running, has been landscaped. Cultural Arts is establishing a downtown mural program. Bright flower baskets hang from light poles along Center Street. Development Services has the new parklet space prepped and ready for new benches and furniture. Beautification is a modest investment that produces long-lasting and noticeable rewards for residents and visitors.