Inventor center logo

The first weekend in March marks the grand opening of the Inventor Center, a new community space for Kingsport’s creators, makers and artists of all kinds.

The festivities kick off at 10 a.m. on Friday, March 1 with a ribbon cutting. Return to the Inventor Center on Saturday for classes taught by YouTube influencers, and again on Sunday for an open house.

Here are the YouTube maker stars appearing Saturday, March 2:

  1.  Izzy Swan –
  2. Johnny Brooke, Crafted
  3. Fred Sexton , Redneck DIY
  4. Nathan Elliot, Out of the Woods

Located at 118 Shelby Street, the Inventor Center adds to Kingsport’s developing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Places like RCAM, Streamworks, D-B Excel, SyncSpace and now the Inventor Center give Kingsport citizens a place to learn new skills, foster community or build a business.

The Inventor Center comes from a public-private partnership led by the City of Kingsport with Engage Kingsport and the Model City Makerspace. This new facility is a premier makerspace that provides makers the space to develop a variety of skills, as well as unique, specialized equipment they will rarely find anywhere else.

More than just a space to create, the Inventor Center is a place to learn. Through programs and classes for inventors, entrepreneurs and employers, the Inventor Center is focused on creating opportunities that benefit Kingsport as a whole.

Keep reading to learn more about the Inventor Center’s six focus areas.

Where craft meets science, this group has a strong connection to making (and breaking) things to see what they can create next. This includes woodworkers, engineers, sculptors, hackers, and more.

Community Arts
Here we cover traditional arts and crafts. Whether professional or hobbyist, all painters, printmakers, ones who sew, sculptors, and other traditional artists are welcome.

Social Impact
A primary goal for the Inventor Center is to improve the lives of others. Every class and program gives our community new opportunities to better themselves and build a stronger future.

The Inventor Center aims to cultivate Kingsport’s entrepreneurial spirit by connecting mentors to business owners and startups. Mentors provide advice and guidance, and entrepreneurs can create physical prototypes of their device or product.

The Inventor Center offers Kingsport employers programs ranging from workplace and equipment training to electronics development and community investment. All programs are designed to strengthen employers and their ability to recruit and provide amenities and training opportunities to employees.

Curiosity, learning, and making are all at the heart of the Inventor Center. Programs designed for elementary to higher education are a top priority.  The Inventor Center aims to connect with other community organizations to provide access to classes and more for students.

The Inventor Center offers a variety of classes for all skills levels, as well memberships for makers, artisans and innovators. Visit to learn more.