KPD e-News Release: Serial Stalker, Albert Joseph Toronjo, Arrested on New Charges

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SUBJECT: Serial Stalker, Albert Joseph Toronjo, Arrested on New Charges
DATE: May 30, 2014
On May 15, 2014, the Kingsport Police Department issued a news release warning area residents to be wary of a serial stalker operating in the area. Potential victims were asked to report any encounters with the suspect to law enforcement. To view this new release, visit the following link:

On May 23, 2014, K.P.D. issued a second news release detailing the arrest of the serial stalking suspect, identified as Albert Joseph Toronjo, for a violation of his probation that stemmed from an investigation into his criminal activity. To view this news release, visit the following link:

At Mr. Toronjo’s arraignment on May 23, 2014, his bond was set at $7,000, which he promptly paid securing his release.

A complex ongoing investigation involving as many as 50 victims of separate potential stalking related incidents is still underway. Two of these cases have now resulted in new criminal charges against Mr. Toronjo.

On May 30, 2014 Mr. Toronjo was again arrested. His latest charges include:

1) Stalking

2) Assault

3) Aggravated Criminal Trespass

4) Theft of Property less than $500

Mr. Toronjo is currently incarcerated in the Kingsport City Jail. Citizens are cautioned, however, that should Mr. Toronjo again be released on bond, his habitual predatory criminal activity is likely to continue.

Mr. Toronjo is a white male with brown eyes, thinning light gray hair, and a full beard. He is relatively short at approximately 5 feet, 5 inches in height and of average build with a weight of about 150 pounds. He is known to operate as many as three different vehicles including a white Jeep Liberty sport utility vehicle, a light blue Dodge Caravan minivan, and a white Ford pickup. His methodology has been thoroughly detailed in the previous news releases linked above, and citizens are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with it.

As mentioned previously, this is still very much an open and active investigation. Further charges against Mr. Toronjo are expected to follow. Any additional victims of Mr. Toronjo’s past antics, who have not yet spoken with law enforcement officials are asked to contact Sgt. Steve Hammonds of the Kingsport Police Department (423-224-2411), Det. Terry Christian of the Kingsport Police Department (423-229-9474), or Det. Lt. Bobby Russell of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office (423-279-7500) immediately, so their individual circumstances can be thoroughly investigated.

Name Albert Joseph Toronjo
Age Date of Birth 12/19/1950

63 Years of Age

Race/Gender White/Male
Residency 1608 Redwood Drive

Kingsport, TN

Charge(s) 1) Stalking

2) Assault

3) Aggravated Criminal Trespass

4) Theft of Property Under $500

Thomas M. Patton, Public Information Officer

Kingsport Police Department Professional Standards Unit