Don't Litter sign

Earlier this year, Keep Kingsport Beautiful (KKB) received a Cigarette Litter Prevention Grant from Keep America Beautiful. In June, KKB used the $2,500 grant to purchase 28 cigarette litter receptacles that were placed by Kingsport Public Works in areas of downtown that were found to be trouble spots in regards to cigarette litter.  The funds also were used to purchase educational signage to be placed around the City of Kingsport.

An initial litter scan was done before the downtown receptacles were put in place. The highest cigarette litter butt and tips count came from Glen Bruce Park, Market and Broad Street intersection and the parking garage.

Recently, a follow up scan was completed as part of the grant compliance requirements. The total amount of litter in June 2016 for all locations, not just the ones mentioned, was 580. The total amount of litter in August 2016 for all locations was 211. The results of the follow up scan showed a 63 percent overall reduction in cigarette litter in our downtown!

Location Cigarette Litter – June 2016 Cigarette Litter – August 2016
Glen Bruce Park 129 3
Market & Broad St Intersection 95 45
Parking Garage Entrances 60 22

The data gathered from the follow up scan confirms the need for cigarette litter receptacles in outdoor areas and at transition points, such as going from a smoking to a non-smoking area. The litter receptacles reduce the cigarette litter – if there is not a receptacle, the litter will go on the ground and/or pavement. Additional receptacles will be purchased using remaining grant funds.

Downtown Kingsport Association (DKA) has been a great supporter of this program. Sherri Mosely has arranged for Hay House members to maintain the receptacles and conduct additional required litter scans. The partnership between DKA and KKB has worked so well that future beautification programs are in the planning stages.

Beautification is a modest investment into Kingsport’s future. Through current and new beatification programs, such as the cigarette litter receptacles, the community is able use the cleaner environment to better highlight the great features of the city. A pleasant city appearance is an important part of helping residents and visitors love Kingsport.