police badge

In 2017, the Kingsport Police Department, just like the city it serves, will be turning 100 years old.  While researching old photographs in preparation for the upcoming centennial celebration, it was discovered that the earliest police officers in Kingsport wore an all dark blue uniform. By the 1950s, K.P.D. had transitioned to a uniform consisting of a gray shirt and navy blue pants that would become the standard for the next 60 plus years.

K.P.D. has been discussing the possibility of a change in uniforms, and it has been decided that transitioning back to uniforms in the original color would be a great way to celebrate and commemorate the rich history and 100th birthday of this police department. While the original K.P.D. uniforms from a century ago were most likely constructed of very heavy wool, the new uniforms will be fashioned from more modern lightweight materials and will be significantly more comfortable.

While the new look most certainly pays homage to the early days of the Kingsport Police Department, it also has an up-to-date style, more in line with today’s most progressive law enforcement agencies. An updated badge has been designed to accompany the new uniforms. The transition to the new uniforms will be at no additional cost to the taxpayers, as K.P.D. already has a line item in the budget each year for uniforms.

Officers will have three basic uniform options available to them year around, depending on the weather and their assignment.  The Class A uniform will consist of a long-sleeve solid navy blue shirt and tie, the Class B uniform will consist of an open-collar long-sleeve solid navy blue shirt, and the Class C uniform will consist of an open-collar short-sleeve solid navy blue shirt.  All three options will be worn with matching solid navy blue trousers.

Look for these sharp new uniforms out in the community!