kats logo

Along with opening the doors to a brand new transit facility last June, KATS also acquired a fresh new look. The significance of the new look, including a new KATS logo, is to complement the new transit facility as well as five new vans and four new buses, while maintaining the reputation of a safe, reliable and affordable transportation service for the City of Kingsport residents.

“The opening of the new transit facility was both significant and exciting due to the planning and prospect of future growth and expansion for transportation opportunities throughout the city,” said Chris Campbell, KATS transit director.

A great deal of time and effort on the parts of many individuals went into selecting this new identifying logo. KATS vehicles are our biggest ‘advertising space’ and the new logo needed to be immediately recognizable, yet visually pleasing, to people throughout the community. The color family of greens and whites remained while adding bright blues to the mix. The simplicity of the cat exudes a message of constant motion and within the outline, the illusions of the beautiful mountains and rivers that define this region are seen.

Looking toward the future, KATS hopes to use the remainder of the land that the new facility sits on to build a transit garage that will house all of the current and new vehicles.

“It is important to protect the investment and longevity of these vehicles,” said Campbell. “Having the vehicles onsite is a key component to ensuring safety, keeping the vehicles in a state of good repair, and consistent productivity.”

To learn more about KATS and all the services offered, please visit www.kingsporttransit.org.