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Yes, it’s true. If you pop over to Model City Taphouse and look out toward Cement Hill, you’ll see roughly 50 goats in an electric fence helping to clear the land for future developments.

The goats are eating the invasive plant species, mainly kudzu, in an effort to effectively clear Cement Hill in an environment friendly way without using chemicals or risking employee safety, as some parts of the hill can’t be cleared by mechanical means.

As the goats clear sections of the hillside, the fence will move. We ask that you admire them from a distance, as they have a job to do. Our local goat provider, as well as city staff, will regularly check on the goats to ensure their safety.

Cement Hill is slated to become a park with walking trails and overlook spots. Work on these projects will begin in 2022.

For more information, please call 423 229-9310.