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Kingsport 100’s website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be capturing all moments from the centennial year!

  • The Kingsport Centennial website is a great way to get involved in all things centennial. The website has information on the events, history and memories of Kingsport. Make your mark on the centennial by submitting memories, important moments to the timeline and other centennial events.
  • The Kingsport 100 Facebook is your go-to for 100 years’ worth of stories and pictures of Kingsport. Get all the information on the four signature centennial events, updates, big news stories and more.
  • The Kingsport 100 Twitter will be sharing the “What’s Your 100?” pledges of local businesses, organizations and Kingsport residents. These pledges give Kingsport citizens a way to celebrate and give back to our community.
  • The Kingsport 100 Instagram is to see the Centennial and Kingsport through the eyes of its citizens. Scroll through pictures of Kingsport in its early days all the way up to pictures of centennial celebrations.

The Kingsport Centennial year is here and 2017 will be a celebration involving many events, experiences and stories of Kingsport. The centennial is about celebrating how far Kingsport has come, and where it’s going. Take part in this special year through our website and social media.

For more information on the Kingsport 100 site or social media, please visit