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Kingsport’s 100th year has begun!

To help everyone celebrate and learn about the past 100 years, there are two centennial publications everyone should pick up and read.

An Unconventional History of Kingsport

This hardbound coffee-table book is written by Vince Staten, noted Kingsport historian and storyteller.  Through 192 pages, tells Kingsport’s truly unique history like no other. The book takes the reader through the years with amusing, amazing, interesting stories of real people who played their parts – delightful, unconventional accounts of colorful characters and a growing city.

Readers learn about special golden nuggets in Kingsport’s history such as a visit from Elvis, J. Peterman (yes, of the catalog) once lived in Kingsport, John Palmer’s high school prank and the FBI, and of a spy who allegedly stole secrets from Holston Ordinance during WWII.

To purchase your copy of the official centennial publication, call 423-246-8121 or 1-800-251-0328 to order, or order online at The book is also available at multiple Kingsport locations: Kingsport Times-News (701 Lynn Garden Drive), I Love Books Bookstore (Kingsport Town Center), Wallace News (205 Broad Street) and Up Against The Wall Gallery (316 E. Market Street).

On This Day In Kingsport History

An illustrated book with a story for each day, City of Kingsport Archivist Brianne Wright brings to life the significant places, people and happenings of Kingsport.

From its early days as a boatyard to the modern day Kingsport, the city’s history was shaped through exciting and sometimes frightening occurrences.

Charley Grubb, charged with forgery, evaded his prison sentence when he slyly escaped from the courtroom during the jury deliberations in 1929.
In June of 1936, the Rotherwood Bridge collapse nearly claimed five lives.
After four decades, the State Theater officially aired its last film on March 26, 1978.
Kingsport’s first ‘Fun Fest’ was held on a single day, August 8, 1981, aimed to bolster community unity.

Kingsport’s history was shaped one day a time by colorful characters and lively events. Pick up your copy of ‘On This Day In Kingsport’ at the Kingsport Public Library, I Love Books Bookstore (Kingsport Town Center) or online at