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November 26: Small Business Saturday

Its 3 days away! Small Business Saturday is a national initiative that declares a day to support local businesses around the country. Shop locally for your holiday gifts and support your community! To view all the Hot Deals for Kingsport, please visit http://www.kingsportchamber.org/hotdeals.

Kingsport PD Rolls Out New Uniforms

In 2017, the Kingsport Police Department, just like the city it serves, will be turning 100 years old.  While researching old photographs in preparation for the upcoming centennial celebration, it was discovered that the earliest police officers in Kingsport wore an all dark blue uniform. By the 1950s, K.P.D. had transitioned to a uniform consisting […]

Highlighting Heroes: Police Officer Jim Clark

Kingsport Police Officer Serves For Others Officer Jim Clark protects communities through strong communication channels. Since 1992, Clark has been serving as Direct Patrol for the Kingsport Police Department. He loves his job because it allows him to become involved and connect with residents. He strongly believes communication between the police department and the residents […]

Centennial Merchandise – Get Yours Now!

Maybe you want to start your holiday shopping early for parents-to-be with a centennial baby blanket or perhaps the morning coffee drinker in your family needs a new centennial mug. Now is the time to start your centennial keepsake shopping and be thinking about how you want to celebrate our centennial year in 2017. Centennial […]

Sensabaugh Tunnel

Happy Halloween! We saved the best legend for last. Today, “Ima Goner”, our ghostly friend, is visiting the infamous Sensabaugh Tunnel and learning about its spooky legend. Sensabaugh Tunnel is a nationally recognized urban legend from Kingsport. Here are the three different tales of everyone’s favorite creepy tunnel. Sensabaugh Tunnel was built in the 1920s […]

Netherland Inn Road

Halloween is three days away! What do you do to get in the Halloween spirit? Our ghostly friend “Ima Goner” celebrates by bringing you another legend of Kingsport. Our legend today is that of Netherland Inn Road. This notorious stretch of road is well known to Kingsport residents. Netherland Inn Road is also known to […]

Proactive Replacement of Crucial Sewer Trunkline

The Reedy Creek Sewer Trunkline project began last month.  A sewer trunk line is an underground pipeline that collects overflow from smaller lines and feeds into one main pipeline. It’s one of the crucial pieces to having a well-functioning sewer system. The initial phase will begin at the Wastewater Treatment Plant with a tunnel under […]

Highlighting Heroes: Firefighter Bill Donoho

Bill Donoho has been working for the City of Kingsport for 27 years. Donoho is a fireman, engineer, and paramedic. At a young age, Donoho was inspired to become a firefighter by his father, who helped start the first responder program in the state of Tennessee. Donoho got involved with the medical side, started taking […]