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What’s Your 100?

It’s almost time to celebrate – Kingsport will be 100 next year. Whether you’re a resident, businesses, organization or just coming to help Kingsport turn 100, we hope you’ll take part in our centennial celebration! We’re encouraging everyone, from residents to businesses and organizations to be a part of the ‘What’s Your 100?’ campaign. This […]

Kingsport Beautification

Cities across the country strive every day to beautify and increase appeal to residents and visitors. A pleasant community appearance adds to home values, helps attract business investments, and improves a neighborhood’s reputation. Research shows that beauty is one of the top three factors in creating community attachment, or loyalty, to your particular town or […]

Melanie Adkins: Code Enforcement Coordinator

“We have made great progress in Kingsport in the area of Code Enforcement. When properties are cleaned up, dilapidated buildings are demolished or new structures are built, there is a renewed sense of pride in the community,” commented Code Enforcement Coordinator Melanie Adkins. As the sole person in this department, Adkins is a vital part […]

Highlighting Heroes: These Are The People Behind The Service

Many times, the people behind the city services do their job to the best of their ability but don’t seek recognition. The City of Kingsport is starting a new series, titled Highlighting Heroes, and will feature an employee from one of the many different service departments. The individuals chosen to be a part of this […]

Kingsport: First TN City Approved for Easier Stormwater Construction Permit Program

The Qualifying Local Program (QLP), Kingsport MS4, is a progressive step in making construction projects easier for Kingsport developers, engineers, architects and contractors. Through this program, permits for construction being performed on at least one acre or more can be reviewed and approved by the city. “This program will greatly speed up the permit process,” […]

Plan of Services Update – On Time and in Budget

When an area is annexed into the city, a plan of services is created to provide new city services and amenities to the area. A plan of services is an agreement between the city and new residents being brought into the city as to what they’ll receive in the context of city services. The plan […]

City of Kingsport Has Exceptional Water

Not only do the Kingsport water divisions receive excellence awards, but they also go above and beyond to ensure that Kingsport water meets or exceeds all drinking water standards. Your drinking water is regulated not just by the city, but also by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) and the Environmental protection Agency […]

Leading with Efficiencies: Operational Excellence Awards

Water and Wastewater Collection Division Wins Excellence Award The City of Kingsport Water and Wastewater Collection Division was presented with the Excellence in Water Distribution Operations Award from the American Water Works Association. The award is given to recognize distribution staff across the Kentucky/Tennessee region for their exceptional performance in meeting all Federal Drinking Water […]

Ready… Set…Pave!

The paving of roads is a consistent top priority for our citizens. Under the city’s hierarchy of needs, roads are a foundational fundamental, a basic need that is important to maintain to keep all traveling safely and effectively. Paving, as it relates to transportation infrastructure, is critical in supporting and obtaining economic growth and development. […]

1000 Consecutive Workdays Injury Free

On June 27, 2016, the Kingsport Water/Wastewater Distribution and Collection Division had worked an impressive 1000 consecutive work days without a lost time incident and they’re still going strong today. A lost time incident is an incident that occurs at the place of employment that results in at least one full day away from work duties. […]