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We are living through a historic moment in time and the Kingsport Public Library and Archives wants to capture, document and preserve your stories and memories about life during the COVID-19 Pandemic. History is normally associated with the past but we are making and living history right now! Let’s document life in Kingsport and add our story to this global historic event.

“This project provides us with the unique opportunity to document how the Kingsport Community experienced this unprecedented and extraordinary time,” said City Archivist Brianne Wright. “The information collected will be an invaluable resource for future generations by providing firsthand accounts of everyday life during the pandemic.”


Ways you can share…

There are plenty of ways to share your story. You can write about it by keeping a diary, keeping copies of letters to family and friends or writing poetry. You can take pictures of your environment or your community. Drawing, painting and video blogging are also a great way to record how you’re feeling during this time.

Business owners can maintain records that show how businesses are responding to the crisis, saving things such as social media graphics, e-mails, business announcements and mail correspondences. You can even save your social media posts to show how you are reacting in your personal life. Visit to find the form where you can share your COVID-19 stories.


What should I include?

The Kingsport Public Library and Archives is specifically focusing on those impacted citizens that are living and working in the City of Kingsport. With that, this project is open to everyone—we welcome all age groups, genders and walks of life. Entries from a wide variety of people with different jobs, community roles, family styles and different impact experiences will help bolster the historic value of this collection.

Maybe you’re working from home, trying to homeschool your kids, caring for elderly parents or neighbors, working as an essential employee or not working at all due to layoffs and furloughs. When you share your daily activities and how your life has been impacted, your experiences will be preserved as part of our city’s historic narrative. Become a part of history tomorrow by sharing your story today. Visit to find the form where you can share your COVID-19 stories.

Visit for more information.