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The Kingsport Senior Center Main Site, located on the First Floor of the Renaissance Center, will reopen on Monday, October 5. The Center’s hours of operations will be Monday through Thursday, from 8:00am to 3:30pm. All Branch Sites will remain closed until further notice.

As we continue to follow recommendations from the CDC and the State of Tennessee, guidelines will be in place to ensure the safety of all members and staff.

Masks will be required when entering and exiting the building and should remain on until you reach the activity destination.  As you enter the building, you can voluntarily take your temperature, pick up a mask, and a staff or volunteer will check you into the Center. There will be a new flow of traffic throughout the building, which will be labeled with directional floor arrows.  In order to meet the Governor’s requirement of half capacity, the Center has divided the days in which you may attend:

If you were born in an even year, your days will be Monday and Wednesday. If you were born in an odd year, your days will be Tuesday and Thursday. If you are married, and you and your spouse are born on odd and even years, please pick one and attend only those days.

Exercise classes that are normally on Monday, Wednesday and Friday will now happen every day Monday through Thursday.  There will be limited onsite classes with social distancing and capacity limits applying to each class.

Please see below the full list of guidelines for the safe return to the Senior Center:

Reopening rules and guidelines due to COVID-19

  1. We encourage those will compromised immunities to stay at home.
    1. We encourage you to engage with the Center over social media.
  2. Consistently check the health status of both staff and members.
    1. Infrared thermometers will be available for both staff and members to check their temperatures.
    2. At this time, masks are required by the Sullivan County mask mandate and should be worn into the building, after activities and to exit the building.
  3. There will be a “way to get around the building” plan.
    1. Please see the map listed.
    2. You may enter and exit using the main front entrance or the main back entrance. Once inside, please refer to the directional arrows on the floor for getting around the building.
  4. A staggered attendance approach will be used at this time.
    1. On Monday and Wednesday, senior members who were born in an even year will be able to use the facility.
    2. On Tuesday and Thursday, senior members who were born in an odd year will be able to use the facility.
    3. This will be based on the honor system. If members do not follow the guidelines, they may be asked to leave the facility.
  5. Reduced hours to aide with cleaning.
    1. Center hours will be Monday through Thursday, 8:00am to 3:30pm, giving the staff time to disinfect from point of contact and through the building and allow for a more thorough cleaning of all equipment, etc., on Friday.
  6. Social distancing will be required.
    1. An example of this would be only every other exercise machine could be used at the same time and chairs in the computer room and clay studio would be marked at six feet apart. When the chairs are filled, no one else will be allowed in the room. The same guidelines apply with the billiards room; only two tables will open.
  7. There will be a time limit on room usage each day.
    1. Members will only be allowed to spend 1 hour at a time in a specific room to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to use the room.
  8. No congregate meals inside the facility.
    1. Congregate meals will still be present for drive through pick up only.
    2. For more information, please call Deborah at 246-8060.
  9. Only activities where social distancing can be maintained will be allowed to meet.
  10. The card room and lounge will remain closed at this time.

The Senior Center is committed to ensuring the safety all members and staff during these times and looks forward to having its members back!

For questions or more information, please reach out to 423-392-8400. Visit the Kingsport Senior Center on Facebook for the most up-to-date information regarding reopening.