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Bays Mountain Park’s Newest Venue Wins Project of the Year

Bays Mountain Park is pleased to announce that its newest venue, the Pavilion at Lily Pad Cove, has received the Associated General Contractors Excellence Award for Project of the Year.

The Associated General Contractors of America, Tri‐Cities Branch, holds an annual awards event with awards being presented in several categories – one of the categories being contractor‐submitted projects. This year three projects were submitted for Project of the Year in the Under $2.5 Million Category. The Project of the Year award is judged on the overall aesthetics of the project, its sensitivity to the environment, the innovative construction techniques used to complete it, and how it contributes to the community.

The Pavilion at Lily Pad Cove at Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium received the award for Project of the Year in the Under $2.5 Million Category. This project was designed by James F. Wright, Architect, and was constructed by Armstrong Construction Company, Inc.

“The Pavilion at Lily Pad Cove project was an exciting challenge that we were honored take on,” said John Leonard, president of Armstrong Construction Company, Inc. “Jim Wright’s design for the pavilion was a pleasure to create, and we are proud to have been a part of this effort.”

The following is an overview of the project and its judging criteria:

  • Contribution to Community: The Pavilion replaced a simple, small viewing platform within a cove on the lake. It is now a much larger platform that can be used for events such as field trips, weddings, family gatherings and a nice place to enjoy the views. Over time, the venue has the possibility of adding great value to Bays Mountain Park.
  • Overall Aesthetics: The design intent was to blend with the natural environment, using materials that would weather and age to continue this goal over time. Design elements were chosen to work with the setting, both in size and material used.
  • Sensitivity to Environment: The design was derived with the setting in mind. The construction process was ever mindful of the location, and the sensitive nature of the environment in which they were working.
  • Innovation in Construction Techniques: All of the construction techniques used for this project are tried and true. There was no one element that has not been done before, but the combination of the sum of these presented challenges. The uniqueness of this project being over water and no easy way to get materials to the site, much less equipment that would have been useful, presented opportunities to think outside the norm.

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