From tinkering to technology to growing your business, Kingsport now has a professional pathway to get your ideas off the ground. is the new online economic development portal for creative and innovative minds in Kingsport.

As an online portal for entrepreneurs and small business owners, will help business owners identify and register for programs, find mentors and connect with resources in Kingsport.

The goal of the online economic development portal is to serve as a clarification and collaboration tool for all of Kingsport’s business services:

  • Increase activity for entrepreneurs in Kingsport
  • Connect mentors, services and events for business more simply
  • Provide a snapshot of activity to all partners to identify current and future opportunities to serve Kingsport businesses
  • Expand environment for collaboration among partners

How’d we choose this name?

Sync by definition is collaboration. Collaboration is the goal of the economic development partners and an online portal provides a single entry point for businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for mentorship and services.

SyncKingsport community partners include AccelNow, KOSSE, HBDC, Innovation Forge, NETWORKS Sullivan Partnership, RCAM, and SyncSpace.

For more information regarding each of the partners or how to get started, visit

This portal is a completed project for OneKingsport.