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After a successful work day installing three new libraries on October 24, The Kingsport Neighborhood Commission has now installed five Little Libraries all around Kingsport. These libraries are stocked up with books and ready for eager readers to come by and borrow them. The five libraries are located in a handful of Kingsport’s neighborhood parks so that they can be easily accessed by the community. You can find the Little Libraries in Borden Park, Hammond Park, Dale Street Park, Preston Forest Park, and Highland Street Park. There is also a Little Library at V.O. Dobbins that was previously installed.

With the assistance of the Inventor Center, who helped design and build the structure of the libraries, all five libraries are now well-stocked for all of our book-loving neighbors. Special thanks also goes to Kingsport Parks and Recreation for helping to choose locations and providing assistance with the installations. Now, anyone who walks past can open up one of the libraries, choose a book to read, and borrow it. The book can then be returned to any of the Little Libraries in Kingsport, or you can replace it with another book. Books can also be donated to add variety to the available literature.

“This project is a great opportunity to encourage reading all across Kingsport,” said Kingsport Neighborhood Commission Chair, Ted Fields. “We have a variety of different books inside the Little Libraries now and more books will be added and swapped out over time. I hope this will encourage a greater sense of community as well, for readers of all ages.”

You can now see these Little Libraries scattered throughout Kingsport, inviting people who walk by to take a book and read something new. The Kingsport Neighborhood Commission is very proud to bring these libraries to the Kingsport community!

The next Kingsport Neighborhood Commission meeting will be held on November 19 at 6 p.m. in the City Hall Council Room, located at 225 W. Center St. in downtown Kingsport. All meetings are open to the public, and neighbors are encouraged to come share their thoughts and concerns with the commission.

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