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The Kingsport Public Library is pleased to announce that it has begun a strategic planning process to set its directions for the next three to five years. Overseen by the Library’s board and a planning team, the planning process will help determine the service directions and infrastructure needs of the Library in the near term.

Nationwide, libraries are experiencing significant changes, and planning is an important process to match service opportunities with community needs. Public libraries are being used more than ever, but depending on specific local needs, the use is evolving. Nationally, print books and other hard copy materials are still in heavy demand, but libraries have also become important centers for technology learning and access, providers of critical early literacy and teen services, hubs for lifelong learning for all ages, and important community gathering sites that are free and open to all. Planning helps determine the mix and balance of both new and traditional services, community needs, and resources required to be effective.

The planning process will include a data gathering phase, which will include review of background materials and statistics from the Library, stakeholder interviews, sessions with Library staff, a community survey, and a daylong retreat.  The survey is now available online, as well as in paper form at the Library. All community members will be encouraged to participate in the survey. The survey is available at the following link:

The planning process will be facilitated and overseen by Stu Wilson, director, and Nick Dimassis, principal consultant, with Library Strategies, a national group that works with libraries on planning, development, services and facilities projects. Both consultants have decades of experience with libraries and in strategic planning processes. A new plan is expected to be approved by the end of the year.

Visit or call 423-224-2539 for more information.