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Through Code Enforcement, we’re improving our city.

Kingsport is striving every day to enhance and increase appeal to current residents and visitors. Through departments like code enforcement, the city is working to keep our city looking good.

In essence, code enforcement is a form of beautification because codes work to keep our city attractive.

Code enforcement is responsible for handling all types of code violations such as un-mowed lawns, unsightly junk on property or a dilapidated house. In 2016, there were over 1,000 complaints of city code violations that were addressed.

“We have made great progress in Kingsport in the area of code enforcement. When properties are cleaned up, dilapidated buildings are demolished or new structures are built, there is a renewed sense of pride in the community,” commented Code Enforcement Coordinator Melanie Adkins.

A pleasant community appearance adds to home values, helps attract businesses and organizations and improves our city’s reputation. The city wants to support and enhance property values through effective enforcement while working to keep aging buildings and properties from becoming unsafe.

City code enforcement is also for the safety of our residents. Enforcing fundamental codes, such as property standards, is essential to the provision of safe and healthy living conditions for all members of the community.

We encourage residents to report code violations by calling 423-224-2633 or emailing

To find our city’s code ordinance, please visit the code enforcement web page.