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In March of 2013, Eastman confirmed its long-term corporate and manufacturing commitments to Kingsport through Project Inspire. Within the project scope, multiyear reinvestments to the Eastman site were determined. One of the planned investments is a road improvement project involving the realignment of Jared Drive.

Kingsport is applying for the State Industrial Access (SIA) program, managed through the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT), to support the road improvement project.

“The new route, moving a portion of Jared Drive to run along the South Holston River Sluice and away from the rail storage yard, will allow for unimpeded passage from Riverport Road to Moreland Drive while allowing for Eastman to operate safely and effectively within a more contiguous site,” said Deputy City Manager Ryan McReynolds.

The realignment provides a ‘win-win’ for the community and Eastman:

  • The realignment will provide residents and employees an improved roadway connection.
  • It will allow for the expansion of onsite rail infrastructure to better position the plant for future growth opportunities and investment.
  • Realignment of the road will provide the potential for future enhanced pedestrian options, such as a walkway along the Sluice.

“We are proud to have Eastman headquartered in Kingsport,” said McReynolds. “This realignment maintains roadway connectivity for residents and allows Eastman to move forward with its growth efforts, which is good for both the company and Kingsport.”

The realignment project is set to start in late 2021 with an estimated completion time of roughly one year. Residents should check the city website ( and city Facebook page (Kingsport Alerts) for updates and any road notifications during the construction process.