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Barbara Lane was hired over 4 decades ago. She still works for the city today.

“I love creating and working on new projects. I enjoy getting things done that will help people get the information they need. I love working with people.”

Barbara Lane is a senior system analyst for the city of Kingsport. Hired in July 1970, Lane has been with the city longer than any other city employee. In her 46 years, she has seen where the city has been and has watched the city grow to where it is today.

After graduating high school, Lane started in the water department as a cashier. There were no computers, no internet, no email – people just paid their bill with cash.

When the city first started using computers in the early 70’s, Lane became a computer operator who keyed in time cards, meter readings and more. Through self-study and a few classes, she learned the skill of computer programming. She started to develop applications from scratch for city departments.

With sharpened programming skills, she moved to information services. This is where she’s been ever since, becoming a Senior System Analyst in 1984.

Her strength is programming. Some of her recent project examples include reports which balance sales tax for utilities and fleet maintenance. She’s also working on a program that will allow city departments to electronically send, receive, and sign documents.

She also writes programs for different applications such as meter reading on iPads and the Click2Gov portal.

Lane is also working on giving the water/utility customers an option of having their statement emailed instead of receiving it in the mail.

“When I look at a project that’s helped people, I feel good about myself and the different departments I work with,” said Lane.

Lane has seen, or been a part of, most of the major growth in Kingsport over the past 40 years. During this time, she’s loved being a part of a team propelling a change in the right direction for the city.

It is because of people like Barbara Lane that Kingsport is where it is today.