David Mason
David Mason

David Mason – Construction Projects Manager

From beginning to end, David is proud to have a hand in every major project the city has completed over the past 10 years.

David’s job is extraordinary because he works on projects within the city, all the way from conception until completion. He does his best to get involved on city projects at the start. He coordinates and directs the architects, engineers, and contractors into successfully representing the city that he is proud to call home. According to David, no two projects are ever alike, which keeps things interesting.

“I’ve had the privilege of working on numerous projects in the city, and each one is different,” said David. “I love how different each project is, and how you learn something new from the experience and the people involved in each one.”

Kingsport has seen a lot of major projects in recent years, from the construction of parks and the Aquatic Center, to the renovating and replacing of old buildings. One thing is for sure, David’s passion for the work he does has helped keep the projects going. David works as the Construction Projects Manager for the city, overseeing and facilitating new improvement projects all over the area. Despite not growing up in the area, the significance of his projects brings new and existing families closer together within the city, especially Centennial Park.

“It’s been fascinating and rewarding to see the city go through her centennial and come together to celebrate its history,” said David. “It’s wonderful to see that everyone cares so much about the community that they’re from, or that they are a part of now.”

Centennial Park has many important and significant architectural details that David helped plan and organize. The overall circular layout of the park mimics the theme of the original master plan for the City of Kingsport, making it a reflection of the entire city. In addition, the circular path around the park is made up of 44 granite bands inside the concrete, all which hold facts or historical events from the city throughout its 100 years. All of the small details like these that David works to incorporate into his projects showcase his passion and love for the City of Kingsport.

“Watching the unveiling of the Centennial Park was very special for me. Seeing the kids run through the fountain for the first time and seeing the joy on their faces really made it all worth it. That’s what I do this for, moments like those.”

No matter the project, large or small, David is a major reason that it becomes a success. He works hard on Kingsport’s projects to make sure they help bring the community closer together through growth and development. Whether you’ve seen this hero at work or not, David’s fingerprints are most certainly on any new project the city has produced in the past decade.