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The Kingsport Public Library will be hosting its second annual genealogy workshop series on Thursdays, 2:00-4:00 pm during October, which is Family History Month. The series, Genealogy: Life in the Past Lane, will feature 4 speakers on key topics of interest for those looking into their family’s history and genealogy. These topics are geared to all levels of experience and offer something for everyone, from beginners to advanced genealogy enthusiasts.

October 6: Who is your Granddaddy and how did he get here?

This workshop is presented by Charlotte Dade, DAR Genealogy Consultant and blog author of The Wests of Wilkes. In this workshop, attendees learn the basics of beginning genealogy research. Find out how to collect and organize family information, as well as tips and tricks for making the search fun and fulfilling.

October 13: Writing About Your Ancestors

This workshop is presented by Kari Roueche, blog author of Family History Blogger. Roueche advocates the use of archives and promotes primary research methods for local and family historians. This workshop will focus on creating a timeline to use as an outline, finding sources to fill in the gaps, and developing a factual and balanced writing style.

October 20: Using Photographs in Genealogical Research

This workshop is presented by Jessica McCroskey, the Technical Services Assistant for the Holston River Regional Library. Attendees of this workshop learn ways to identify different types of photographs, what clues to look for, and general search tips to help you get past your brick wall.

October 27: The Basics of DNA for the Family Historian, DNA Analysis and Using 3rd Party Tools

This workshop is presented by Lori Thornton, professional genealogist, who specializes in Southern States and Religious Records research. This is a two part workshop. In the first part, attendees will get an overview of the 4 types of DNA used by genealogists. The reasons for testing and discussion of cases demonstrating results are included. Information on testing companies for the various types of tests and tools provided will also be discussed. In the second part, 3rd party tools will be discussed. These often provide DNA testers with results beyond those obtained through testing companies, creating breakthroughs in research or enabling adoptees to locate birth parents. This session looks at GEDmatch, DNAGEDcom, Genome Mate Pro, browser extensions, and other useful utilities and tools. Basic definitions useful in analysis are also discussed.

Visit for workshop details.  The workshops are free and you do not have to register to attend.