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Kingsport Area Transit Service (KATS) will stop all scheduled bus routes at the end of the day on Tuesday, March 24. Starting Wednesday, March 25, KATS will begin offering on demand-fixed route bus service where riders call the KATS dispatch office to request a bus.

This service change is in response to emergency coronavirus measures being taken across the country. This method of bus operation encourages only essential travel and social distancing, allowing only a maximum of 9 riders per bus.

The “on-demand fixed route service” will operate as follows:

  1. Riders will need to decide which bus stop is most convenient place for them to be picked up.
  2. Riders can call 423-224-2613 at least one hour before needing to be picked up. Give name, bus stop location, pick-up time and destination bus top.
  3. If confirmed, the rider will be given an estimated time when a KATS bus will arrive at the stop.
  4. Riders can call 423-224-2613 when ready to be picked back up at the bus stop.

Bus fare will continue to be $1.00 each way for the general public, and $0.50 each way for disabled passengers, seniors, and veterans. KATS remains committed to the community during this time should anyone need transportation to essential services within the city.

KATS Dial-A-Ride ADA paratransit services will continue to operate unchanged during this time.

For more information, please visit  kingsporttransit.org.