Check Out The Solar Exhibit Creation

Bays Mountain Park & Planetarium is happy to announce their latest exhibit creation for the public. The display highlights the major points regarding total solar eclipses, especially the one coming up on August 21!

The exhibit features wonderful design elements, including nine different panels. Visitors can learn about eclipses, how to view them safely, what phenomena to experience, some insightful quotes, and a large map of the eclipse shadow path as it crosses the United States. It’s important to show just how close the path of totality is to the Tri-Cities area – only about three hours away!

The exhibit was a joint effort of the exhibits and planetarium departments. The principle players were Cassy Rose and Jason Dorfman, respectfully. The exhibit was developed in conjunction with the Park’s main planetarium show, “Totality,” which was also produced in-house by the planetarium and exhibits departments and is now showing in at least 30 theaters across the US at this time.

The new exhibit is on display adjacent to the main lobby of the Nature Center. The planetarium show is offered most days up through August 20. Please visit for show times.

solar eclipse exhibit
Bays Mountain Park employees Cassy Rose and Jason Dorfman created the Total Solar Eclipse exhibit.