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Kingsport Public Works invites citizens and their families to come by the sixth annual Public Works Day at the Farmer’s Market in Kingsport on Tuesday, May 23, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

“We are blessed to have an extraordinary group of employees who are dedicated to serving the tax payers of Kingsport,” Public Works Director Ryan McReynolds said. “We very much appreciate the community taking a few minutes out of their day to visit with us at the Farmer’s Market, where we can personally explain the many services offered by Kingsport.”

Public Works employees will be on hand to demonstrate and educate how their equipment works and answer questions. Children will have an opportunity to get up close to the equipment to see how it works, such as taking a ride in a bucket truck, using a truck claw to pick up items and even climbing into a seat of a garbage truck. Two painting stations, manhole covers and snowplows, let kids show off their artistry for display throughout the city.

Kids can watch and learn how to use the sewer camera. Those interested in the science behind the wastewater treatment plant can look through microscopes to see the microscopic organisms used in the biological process of treating water. A large sandbox will also be set up to allow the public to view a replica of Kingsport sewer and waterlines.

Information about the city’s basic infrastructure, including water, sewer and transportation networks, along with who manages those projects will be available. Several presentations explaining essential daily operations will take place throughout the event.

For more information, please call 423-229-9470.