Tennessee Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (SAVIN) Program

The purpose of this program is to increase the safety of victims of crime, law enforcement, criminal justice personnel, and the general public by providing access to timely information concerning the custody status of offenders in county jails. Victims and other concerned citizens can register anonymously by telephone (1-888-868-4631) or register at the website below to be notified by their choice of telephone, email, or text in the event of an offender’s release, transfer, or escape.


Disclaimer: The above system only applies to prisoners who are confined in a Long-Term Incarceration Facility, such as a County Jail.  The Kingsport City Jail is only a Short-Term (72-hour) Temporary Holding Facility; therefore, it is not connected to the SAVIN program or VineLink. To check the status of a prisoner confined in the Kingsport City Jail, please call 423-229-9435.