KINGSPORT – Two new flashing yellow turn signals are being installed today, February 5, 2014, at the intersection of State Route 93/Sullivan Gardens Parkway and New Moore Road, with the signals going live upon completion of the installation.

The new style turn signals are in response to federal guidelines issued by the Federal Highway Administration. Currently, the signals are installed downtown on Sullivan Street at two intersections and at intersections on State Route 36/Fort Henry Drive in Colonial Heights between Moreland Drive and Interstate 81.

The signals are placed over left-turn lanes at intersections.

The first light at the top of the traffic signal head is a steady red arrow meaning no turning movements are allowed.

The second is steady-yellow arrow meaning turning movements are allowed as gaps in oncoming traffic allow, but that opportunity is about to end, as the signal turns to a red arrow.

The third signal from the top of the signal head is a flashing yellow arrow allowing turning movements when the intersection and oncoming lanes are clear.

And the fourth light is a steady-green arrow meaning left turns are unrestricted.

When the flashing-yellow arrow is displayed, motorists are allowed to turn left when there are gaps in oncoming traffic or no pedestrians in the intersection, Elsea said.  Motorists may also turn left normally when a green arrow is displayed and oncoming traffic has stopped. They should not turn left when the red left-turn arrow is displayed.

For more information please, interested persons may visit to watch an informational video and review literature regarding the flashing yellow arrow effort, or contact the Traffic Department at 229-9487 with questions.