KINGSPORT – The Kingsport Police Department is pleased to welcome five new officers back from the Walters State Regional Law Enforcement Academy.‚  Officers Ben DeGreen, Clint Womack, Wesley Hite, Brandon Arnold, and Breven Addington were sworn in on July 23, 2015.‚  For the past eight weeks, they have been attending the academy to learn the basic concepts required of law enforcement officers in the State of Tennessee.

During the graduation ceremony on Friday, September 18, 2015, two of Kingsports newest officers were presented with awards.‚  Officer Ben DeGreen earned an award for his outstanding proficiency with firearms, while Officer Clint Womack won an award for his stellar performance in defensive tactics.‚  All five of these officers have returned to Kingsport and will begin an extensive field training program immediately.

While these five officers were at the academy, two additional officers joined the ranks at K.P.D.‚  Officers Brandon Johnson and Michael Haun have already begun their field training.‚  Prior to being sworn in at K.P.D., Officers Johnson and Haun had already attended the police academy and were already working as full-time law enforcement officers in other jurisdictions.

The Kingsport Police Department would like to welcome all of these new officers aboard and wish them success in their future law enforcement endeavors.

K.P.D. Officers pictured left to right in the above photo: Ben DeGreen, Clint Womack, Wesley Hite, Brandon Arnold, and Breven Addington.‚  Two additional new Officers not pictured: Brandon Johnson and Michael Haun